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Oral History

Most of the history of Brymbo, Lodge and Tanyfron is held in the heads of people who have lived in the villages for most of their lives. They have fantastic stories to tell about life in their village from childhood through their working lives. Many people have listened with great interest to their parents and grandparents talking about life in the villages

The Oral History Project is about getting all of these memories together so that everyone can listen to them. It is run by the Brymbo Heritage Group in conjunction with Wrexham County Borough Council and we are now looking for people who would like to be interviewed so that we can capture their memories forever.

An interview normally lasts about an hour and we will ask you questions about your life and listen to some of those fascinating stories you will have to tell. The interview will be recorded and we will take photographs and scan into the computer any interesting photographs you show us. After the interview we will ask your permission to use it as part of the Oral History Project and give you a copy as well.

One of the most interesting things about the project is the way in which all the interviews form a wider picture of life in the villages and will hopefully start to bring communities together.

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