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This is the first video we have produced using the equipment purchased with a grant from AVOW.

Tree planting

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  1. john howell roberts

    after watching the tree planting video, i find that not enough people are taking notice in what is good for everyone, that more volenteers are needed younger the better as they will be the keepers of the future. getting schools together from the area to be involved. there was no lessons to show youngsters 65 years ago although they kept secrets of what was going on in mother natures work. watching the river alyn making a new way by cutting the bank away, where we used to swim. finding viper eggs in a rotting tree, seeing the red squirels collecting beech nuts after we had our own snack of nuts, and ground nuts. then to collect water cress from by the water running to the river. collecting sticks or small logs from fallen branches. then go home to play games that were in season, pitch milk bottle tops and play miniture cricket on the footpath,top and whip play jews harps of which i still have mine but no longer play it. born in a period of no tv’s and echo radio with dick barton and snowy then off to bed. ready to walk to school from bradley to victoria school on bradley road wrexham.

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