Brymbo Heritage Group

The Community Heritage project has supported local communities by running workshops to learn how to formulate and record their own local stories.


The purpose of the Oral History Project is not to simply capture people’s memories, but to make them available for anyone to hear.

We are gaining momentum with our recordings of the memories of the people of Brymbo and surrounding areas.

Colin Davies has provided a fascinating interview about his time at Brymbo Steelworks, giving us a great insight into the camaraderie that existed amongst the workers. We have also recorded a three way interview between Norman Jones, Dot Moran and Lillian Dickinson which allowed them t share their memories of Brymbo and Lodge whilst allowing us to record them for prosperity.  Our most recent interview was with Reg Parry, he told us about his childhood, growing up in Brymbo, about the village and its amenities, through to his working days. We are sure that many people must have fascinating and interesting stories to tell about living in Brymbo and surrounding villages.

To listen to the stories please visit our website ORAL HISTORY INTERVIEWS

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